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When someone calls me attractive 

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kinda weird that u can think about someone as much as u want and they have no idea

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i just saw this guy at the bus stop take out his earphones from his pocket and they were all tangled and he sighed deeply and i really feel him on an emotional level

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*prays that I instantly become hot at 18*

*ok let’s shoot for 21*

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next time a stranger tells you that youre familiar and youve met before they just cant remember where just clear your throat and tell them do you watch porn?

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my response to everything is either no or i don’t know.

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need some1 2 👅 the 🐱

need some1 2 square the square

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it takes all of my energy to read a post thats more than 2 sentences

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I’m on a new diet called don’t fucking look at me

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